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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles systems, air reconnaissance and video observation,small aircraft and hovercrafts from:

Scientifically & industrial systems Ltd.
Design office "VZLET"

Since 1997 design office "VZLET" successfully works in the field of a Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Systems (UAVS). Since 2003 of DO "VZLET" by structural subdividing of "Scientific - industrial systems" Ltd.

For this season design office "VZLET" collective it has been created five phylums UAV, the light two-seater airplane "Phoenix" has been projected, some phylums of hovercrafts "Odysseus-1" and "Odysseus-2" and three phylums of launching devices (catapults) for UAV are developed and builted.

At an exhibition "East-West Euro Intellect-98" in Sofia (Bulgaria) UAV A-3 "Remez" and an one-place flying ultra-low flight vehicle "Phoenix" have received a gold medal. Our technique was repeatedly demonstrated on international exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, France, India, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt on bench GE "Ukrspetsexport".
In 2000 the patent №3972 on commercial machine UAV А-4 "Albatross" is received. In 2000-2006 years certificates of the participant of interior "AVIAWORLD - XXI" Kiev are received. In 2007 g we participated in exhibitions "UVS-TECH-2007" and MAKS-2007 Moscow. In 2008 we took involvement in an exhibition "Russian industrialist" St.-Petersburg on a bench "Kharkov industrial" at support GE "IMaS" and a municipal administration of Kharkov.

Design office "VZLET" tenders modern systems of air observation of different function, will execute design works in the field of common engineering industry, will make development of pilotless and manned flight vehicles of the various class-room, from tactical and operatively-strategic UAV on specifications of the Customer.

The certificate of the participant of second aerospace interior "AirWorld-21", Kiev 2000

The certificate of the participant of third aerospace interior "AirWorld-21", Kiev 2004

The certificate of the participant of fourth aerospace interior "AirWorld-21", Kiev 2006

Certificate of conformity on the Hovercraft "Odysseus-2", GOSSTANDART of Russia,2007г.

The diploma of the participant of an international industrial forum "Russian industrialist", St.-Petersburg 2008

Gold medal received at exhibition East-West Euro Intellect-98" in Sofia (Bulgaria).
  "Scientific & industrial systems" Ltd. DO "Vzlet"
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